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Drink Your H2O


I was never a big fan of water which sounds pretty ridiculous when you think of how our bodies actually run on it. A big fan of all of the benefits of being properly hydrated however, I knew I had to figure out a way to drink more of it. I mean come on, who wouldn’t want more energy, clear and dewy skin, suppressed appetite.. The list goes on. First I bought two new water bottles. One of them has a cap which is perfect to throw in my bag and helps me to always have water on me. Just having it, makes me drink it- point blank. Walking around the city I carry it in my hand and try to drink at least half before I get to my destination. The second bottle has a straw.. which, lets be honest makes anything more fun to drink and drink quicker I might add. I keep that bottle at work so it is covered and nothing (mhm-hair) flies into it. It can get boring though just to drink water, so I’ve gotten in the habit of flavoring it with Lime, lemon or frozen fruit. I have been loving lime and pineapple lately. And my favorite thing to do is use my soda stream to make club soda. I swear, one of the best investments I made that had paid itself back along time ago.