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RMS Makeup


If you don’t know about RMS Makeup, an organic and natural beauty line.. now you do. It nourishes and cares for the skin, as it is described as “skincare with mineral color.” All of the products are derived from food grade and organic ingredients that promote luminosity and hydration. This is the makeup for the everyday woman and the one I reach for when I am being good to my skin. It’s hard to find a makeup line that is non toxic and works wonders, but this one is both. I love the “Un” Cover-Up,  a coconut oil based foundation and concealer in one, that helps to rejuvenate the skin. I then set the look with the “Un” Powder which is free of talc, silicone, perfume, and paraben’s to give a silky finish to my skin. Known for the perfect added highlight, living luminizer is probably their most talked about product, and rightfully so, as it is the perfect combination of a sheer glow  with a “satin-pearl” finish. Read more about them here.