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Dreaming of Fabulous Hair Days

Ever wonder some of the best ways your hair can benefit, while you get some shut eye? If your hair is medium to long, a great way to secure it while you sleep is to apply a little bit (dime sized) amount of a leave on conditioner.This way your hair is able to restore and replenish its nutrients that can become lost throughout the day due to the sun, environment, chemical services, and excessive heat from styling. One of my favorite overnight treatments is using Raw Unprocessed Coconut Oil warmed up to a soft or liquid form. I would then apply it to my hair, concentrating on the ends and braid my all the way down securing it in a soft, gentle scrunchie. If your hair is above your shoulders you could do the same with a bit of the leave on conditioner and  rather then a braid push your hair back securing it in a soft silk or satin scarf. Both of these tricks do wonders in the morning when your wake up and your hair is not in a tangled mess. Therefore saving your hair from potential breakage due to tossing and turning or faulty hair elastics. A silk or satin pillowcase is also an indulgence to your hair. It will cause less friction to your hair at night and will help the hair hold onto its natural oils that can quickly become absorbed in cotton pillowcases. Sweet dreams to healthy hair xo