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Elle’s Picks: Favorite Blowdryer’s

A good blow dryer makes all of the difference. I love Parlux… I am currently using the Lightweight Parlux. I also love the brands: Babyliss Pro and T3. My previous Babyliss lasted me for years.

Any of these will cut down on your blow-drying time. For a salon quality look, use the cold shot on the blow dryer, after you are done completely drying the hair. This will assure lots of shine, as the cold air closes the cuticle, making the surface super shiny and eliminating any frizz.

These professional dryers have a great motor in them being that stylists can use them continuously all day long, so it will last forever if you are just using it at home. Totally worth investing in a good one!
Be sure to get good clips if you are going to section your hair, it will make your life much easier. If you are looking for a good round brush to give your hair a bit of volume, Creative Ceramics are great, I especially love their triangular ones! Ibiza brushes are my go to for smoothing the hair. Ask me if you have any questions on picking the best blow dryer or brush for you!

Blow Dry Essentials

Blow Dry Essentials

(From left to right: Twin Turbo 3500 Blow Dryer, Butterfly Clips, Cameo Paddle Brush, Ibiza Medium Round Brush, Davines Volu Spray, Davines Momo Fluid, Davines Crystal Fixative

Many clients wonder how to blow dry their hair at home and still give it that salon like quality. First off pay close attention to the products you are using at home. The start of any good blow dry begins with a great shampoo and head massage. Treat your tresses to that same spa like feel by giving your scalp an intense massage in the shower. Using salon grade shampoo (free of silicone that can just coat the hair) apply to your roots and massage in with your finger tips. Be sure to concentrate a bit around the hairline (still being gentle), as that is where you often have product buildup. Rinse well and apply a nice conditioner, first on your ends (where hair needs it the most) then all over, massaging your scalp again. Rinse and finish with a cold blast of water to close the outer layer of your hair, sealing in moisture and locking in shine. Squeeze water out of the hair and let air dry for a few minutes. Be sure to have your blow dryer, flat paddle brush, round brush and a few clips handy. Dry your hair  to about 75%. People with fine hair should flip their head over, drying upside down. If your hair is thick and curly, keep your head upright using a paddle brush to smooth as you dry. Next, apply a bit of product best suited for your hair type. I recommend Davines Volu spray on roots for fine hair to increase Volume. Or Davines Momo Fluid on curly hair to smooth and tame frizzies. Start by clipping your hair in 3 or 4 sections depending on the thickness. The first section at the top of your head, then using your index fingers glide them above your ears and around your head, clip the 2nd section. Then divide the bottom once more horizontally, leaving the last section down. *Stretch out those arms baby and get ready to blow! Take a section of hair, no thicker than the width of the brush and blow dry until dry. Hair should be fully dry so that it doesn’t frizz back up. Often the hair doesn’t have that salon quality and high shine because the hair is still a little wet. It is a fine line though, as you don’t want to over dry and burn the hair either. Often I will dry the hair around the face going back. Once the whole head is dry, use the cold shot on the blow dryer  and dipping head back blow dry with cold air for 30 secs. locking in style, closing the cuticle and adding shine. If needed spritz a light hold hairspray all over. Voila! On with your day!