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Protein Pancakes

Brunch Music: Banana Pancakes by Jack Johnson

I am absolutely jumping on this bandwagon. After hearing so much about this tasty low carb option, I knew I had to try it. And I fell in love. To the point of never feeling the need to make pancakes the old school way again. Maybe not ever.. But they really are that good. We topped ours with a homemade Vermont Maple Yogurt and some sliced almonds for crunch. The extra protein you get from these via the protein powder was a perfect addition after our morning gym session. Try these out, you’ll love ‘em.


o 1 Bananas
o 2 eggs
o 1 scoop whey protein powder
o ½ tsp. cinnamon
o Bacon
o Coconut Oil
o 1 Tbsp. Maple Syrup
o ½ C. Plain Greek Yogurt
o Sliced Almonds

Start the bacon on a low to medium setting. In a medium sized bowl mash the banana and add in the 2 eggs. Stir until blended and mix in the protein powder and cinnamon. Grease a skillet with coconut oil, adding the batter once the oil is hot. Flip the pancakes when they bubble around the sides. Mix the yogurt with the maple syrup and top the pancakes with the mixture, finishing with the sliced almonds. Bon Appetite.

Chia Seeds!

Have you heard of Chia Seeds? Recently my boyfriend Kyle read the book, “Born to Run” by Christopher McDougall. With nothing but rave reviews for the book, he convinced me to read it also. The book explores the life and running habits of a particular Mexican tribe who after an all night party of drinking, smoking and dancing, they wake up and fuel themselves with a granola like mixture called Pinola which consists of ground maize kernels and chia seeds, tossed with herbs. Along with a drink they make called Iskiate also known as Chia Fresca. These super athletes then run 50-100 miles at a time, for pure enjoyment with seemingly no effort. As a frequent user of flax-seed, which I grind and add to everything from soups, oatmeal, and stirfrys, I was curious to how it compares to Chia seeds. Similar to each other, Chia seeds do outshine Flax seeds in more ways than one. With a higher calcium level, lower fat content, and a high level of antioxidants present whereas Flax seeds carry none, you can see how beneficial these little seeds are. Although for the healthiest diet possible, it would still be a good thing to enjoy both Flax seeds and Chia seeds. Once, a main part of the Aztec and Mayan diet, Chia seeds are extremely rich in Omega-3 fatty acid a vital nutrient for our bodies, with two tablespoons at least doubling the amount found in a serving of salmon. Follow the jump to read on!

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Dinner Tonight


A yummy and healthy dinner that I love to make, is this nutrient filled dish of oven roasted spaghetti squash, eggplant, and garlic, mixed with sautéed shrimp. On days that are a little hectic, and all I want to do is throw a meal into the oven and forget about it, this is one of my goto’s. Although my Italian roots are part to blame for my love of pasta, spaghetti squash is a great alternative. Instead I get an extra veggie that is rich in Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids both vital to good health. Helping prevent  heart disease and cancer it also aids in brain function. Eggplant is a great source of B1, B6, Potassium and dietary fiber. It’s deep purple skin is high is antioxidants, so much that it can be helpful in preventing and the progression of some cancers. It also helps manage type 2 Diabetes and lowers Cholesterol. Drizzled with a bit of olive oil and then roasted, the garlic in this recipe has many health benefits. Although raw and chopped garlic is even healthier. Garlic is known for is antibacterial benefits and blood cleansing properties. An aid to helping with Acne, it is also great for heart health as well as maintaining good cholesterol.

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