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Asellina – Midtown East/ Flatiron

*Good for: After work drinks, groups, dinner, client meetings

This gem of a restaurant is one of my new favorites. Part of the Gansevort Hotel, Asellina is a trendy spot perfect for after work drinks in the cozy front lounge area or a delicious dinner which I had with one of my best girls. We went during NYC Restaurant week. It is a great way to try out a new restaurant and you get three courses, so dessert is always had! We each started with their Fried Mozzarella, it was beyond anything I had imagined it being. It was served beautifully with a pool of red pepper marinara sauce below it.. The perfect amount to enjoy the melted calzone like deliciousness that was our appetizer. Next, we had for our entree a baked gnocchi covered with a white cheese sauce and mixed with artichokes. I could have died happy right there. The only way to describe it would be an Italian Macaroni and Cheese, as if that couldn’t sound more perfect. I enjoyed a glass of Malbec with it all. Dessert was a lightly flavored lemon mascarpone creme, sandwiched between three lemon tarts and drizzled with a fresh raspberry compote. It was the perfect ending to what is now, one of my favorite New York dinner experiences.

Asellina Restaurant
420 Park Ave S, New York, NY 10016
(212) 317-2908


Dinner Tonight


A yummy and healthy dinner that I love to make, is this nutrient filled dish of oven roasted spaghetti squash, eggplant, and garlic, mixed with sautéed shrimp. On days that are a little hectic, and all I want to do is throw a meal into the oven and forget about it, this is one of my goto’s. Although my Italian roots are part to blame for my love of pasta, spaghetti squash is a great alternative. Instead I get an extra veggie that is rich in Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids both vital to good health. Helping prevent  heart disease and cancer it also aids in brain function. Eggplant is a great source of B1, B6, Potassium and dietary fiber. It’s deep purple skin is high is antioxidants, so much that it can be helpful in preventing and the progression of some cancers. It also helps manage type 2 Diabetes and lowers Cholesterol. Drizzled with a bit of olive oil and then roasted, the garlic in this recipe has many health benefits. Although raw and chopped garlic is even healthier. Garlic is known for is antibacterial benefits and blood cleansing properties. An aid to helping with Acne, it is also great for heart health as well as maintaining good cholesterol.

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