Organizing Small Spaces


As a beauty enthusiast, you can only imagine how much makeup and hair products that I have accumulated in time. Picture that in you’re mind? Okay great, now times that by ten.

I am also a bit of an organizer.. a trait that I am glad I finally picked up as an adult. Storage space for all of this needed to happen. When I inherited this pretty little shelf, originally from IKEA, I made sure to put it to good use. To really utilize the space while making it not a complete eyesore, I found rustic chalkboard bins at Michael’s. Labeling these with the contents of the makeup contents to which body part they pertain, makes it super easy to grab what I am looking for. Of course the hair bins were a necessity for my forever over flowing hair products. A big woven basket houses a supply of professional hair color, bowls and brushes for those impromptu house calls. Below that, in another basket are bed sheets. A few candles await, ready to be lit during a bath along with a few of my favorite spa products.

I hope this inspires you to turn that little corner you’ve been eyeing into something cute and practical!