Just a bit obsessed!

Okay, so I am kind of obsessed with this photo of Amanda Seyfried! I love her effortless and easily obtainable waves paired with her red lips. Just gorgeous darling! This two-pronged waver from Hot Tools is a great style tool to have. It is super easy to use and makes it a breeze to create these nonchalant waves. It should only take about ten minutes to get this look. Remember, your sections don’t have to be perfect!  Use a clip to section your hair as you go, as you will eventually section your hair into three parts horizontally up the head, starting on the bottom. Click the Jump Off to read on.. 

With the bottom section down and the rest of your hair clipped up, divide the first section into three vertical parts. Grabbing the first part, work the waver down the hair from top to bottom, resting about 5-10 secs each time you close the waver. Continue to do this on all three parts of the bottom half. After the bottom half is waved, take your second section, using your temples as your guide and clipping the hair back up from above the temples. Divide the middle section into four parts and continue to wave the hair as you did the bottom. Next, drop the remaining top section. Decide where you want your part to be, either off to the side for a dramatic look, down the middle or possibly no part at all if you are planning to pin it back after. Creating four more parts on your third section, continue to wave your hair as you did the previous two. After the hair is waved, let it cool for three minutes. Once cooled the waves can completely set. Shake it out a bit, using your fingers to break it up. Feel free to spray with a bit of hair spray to hold the look or put a drop of Moroccan Oil on your hands and run through the hair. Add a bright pop of lipstick, my go to red being Nars Manhunt, which is very similar to the shade Amanda is wearing Voila! Beautiful worn down, or the perfect base to create a multitude of hairstyles like this one worn by Hayden. Which can be worn after pinning the waved hair back into a messy bun. Enjoy this gorgeous style maker!