New Years Eve Hair

If you are looking for a fun hairstyle for New Year’s Eve, follow the step’s below, for this easy to style look.


  •  Curl Hair and set a side part, spray with Biotera Finishing Spritz
  •  Twist a piece of hair from the temple, and tease at the ends with your fingers to give hold and volume to the twist
  •  Bring that twist around to the back of the head and secure with a bobby pin
  •  Twist the remaining section of hair below the first twist, along the nape of the neck and secure with a bobby pin
  •  On the other side of the head, twist a piece of hair at the temple and tease the ends with your fingers
  •  Lifting the hair with your fingers, secure this twist underneath the hair


Hair was prepped with Biotera Styling Mousse, the curls were set using Biotera Finishing Spritz to give texture and hold, and the finished look was sprayed with Freezing Hairspray for all night hold.

Tools needed: Biotera Styling Products, Curling Iron ( I used 1 1/4 Inch), Comb to make part, Bobby Pins