Twist & Braid

It is easy to wear your hair down, whether naturally straight or wavy. Embrace that natural texture and add these three extra steps, for a little change in your normal routine.

Tools Needed

  • Bobby Pin
  • Clear Elastic

1) With hair parted just off center, twist the smaller side back and secure with a Bobby Pin.

2) Grab a three inch section of hair from the opposite side, braid and secure with a clear elastic.

3) Softly pull the braid apart, by sliding the elastic up as you pull one strand down.

Top Knot + Braid

A playful revamp on the classic top knot, I recently wore this look to brunch as a quick little ‘do. It is the perfect style to wear when your hair is a bit unwashed….a favorite way to keep my hair on the weekend and let it just be. Keep the style fresh with this look.


 Follow below for the how-to and the step by step.

You will need:

  • Teasing comb or brush
  • Hairspray| Used: Kerastase Laque Dentelle
  • Hair Tie
  • Hair Donut
  • Dry Shampoo or Kerastase Volume in Powder
  • Small elastic
  • Bobby Pins


1) Part your hair and tease the sides and crown, spraying a light hold hairspray after. 


2) Smoothing the sides,leave the volume at the crown and make a ponytail. Leaving 1/4 of the ponytail out, place a hair donut over the ponytail and secure at the base on each side with a Bobby pin where the hair and donut meet.


3) Braid the left out section, and secure with a small clear elastic. Lightly pull the braid apart to thicken it. Using a dry shampoo or volumizing spray, spritz the ponytail. Back comb the ponytail, letting the hair fall down as you go.


4) Flipping the ponytail over the base of the pony, coil the hair around the donut and secure the bun with Bobby pins at the base where needed.


5) Wrap the braid over the bun securing the ends with a bobby pin. Spritz hairspray all over to finish the look, smoothing the sides and keep the messy texture elsewhere.

Wrap Around Ponytail

This is the perfect hairstyle, to rock on a day that you want to look done and polished but do not have a lot of time- at all. Super quick, this take on the modern pony tail will put the finishing touch on your style.

Follow below for the how-to and the step by step.

You will need:

1) Apply dry shampoo in the crown if needed and part your hair in the desired part

2) Tease hair on the sides and at the crown

3) Give the hair a light spritz of hairspray- this will keep the tease in place

4) Using a boar bristle brush, smooth the surface and pull hair back into a ponytail, brushing the sides tighter and leaving volume in the back

5) Secure with a damage free hair tie

6) Select a small section of hair from underneath the base of the ponytail

7) Spray the selected section with hairspray and smooth with fingers- this makes it easier to wrap

8) Wrap that section around the pony tail as far as you can, landing under the ponytail

9) Secure the end of the wrap by placing a bobby pin up, flipped and then back in, with the ridges facing down under the hair

10) Lightly tease the ponytail to give it fullness and volume then finish the look by spraying the hair and smoothing flyaway’s with the brush